Sally’s List is a nonpartisan organization with a clear mission: to recruit, train, and help elect progressive women to public office in Oklahoma.

Currently, women represent 14% of Oklahoma’s legislative body while women make up roughly 51% of the general population. We envision a legislature that more closely reflects the female demographic of our state. We know that more progressive women serving in office are key to a government that supports its people in health, education, and a strong economy.

Since 2010, Sally’s List has prepared candidates and campaign staff to run viable campaigns. We recruit women who understand  the importance of supporting public education, access to healthcare, a strong economy, and core government services.

Sally’s List namesake, Sally Rae Merkle Mock, passed away in 2009, but her legacy of working diligently to empower women and improve Oklahoma communities lives on through our work.

Our record of success includes former candidates who are now serving in the Oklahoma House, Senate, Norman City Council, and on the Tulsa School Board. From our first small class of candidates, Sally’s List has grown exponentially – identifying, recruiting, and preparing women to run for office at the state and local level. We know that change does not happen overnight. We also know that changing the face of Oklahoma politics takes time and dedicated effort. Sally’s List is constantly looking for and training the next generation of female leaders.

Sally’s List offers support and training to women from diverse backgrounds, and empowers them to be strong, capable candidates. We encourage them to start early and run competitive campaigns. Our candidates have told us even if they don’t win, they come out stronger people because they have succeeded in reshaping the conversation.

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