Oklahoma needs more women willing to run for and serve in public office.

Oklahoma is 42nd in the nation for women serving in the state legislature, at only 21%. We need a legislature that is more reflective of the people it serves in order to make sure women’s voices are heard.

Women bring a new perspective to lawmaking, and it is women who will bring about real changes that will improve the lives of all Oklahomans.

Why aren’t more women running?

  • Women face unique expectations and barriers.
  • Women are frequently their own worst critics, often believing they are unqualified or unprepared to run for public office.
  • Women usually will not run unless asked, and too few women are asked.

We’re asking.

Real v. Imaginary Barriers

Running for office can feel daunting. Fears, doubts, and concerns abound, especially when one feels isolated or unprepared.

Do any of these sound familiar?

I’m not qualified

How do you know? Let’s talk about it.

I’m not prepared

Sally’s List is here to help! We work with our candidates both one on one and in small group settings, focusing on the needs of the individual.

I don’t know how to raise money

Sally’s List will teach you how, as well as assist you in identifying your personal donors.

I don’t know where to start

Good news. You’re in the right place! We can help you from here.

I have children

We need mothers in the legislature too! Your perspective is uniquely qualified to guide policies meant to help mothers and their children.

I don’t have children

Not a deal breaker, trust us.

I am the caregiver for my parents

Something that Sally’s List will always do, is be honest with you. Sometimes it’s not the right time, and that’s ok. We still want to talk to you.

I’m the breadwinner/the only income for my household

Many male lawmakers are also the sole income for their households. However, if finances are something you are worried about, let’s talk. You don’t have to be independently wealthy to run for office.

I don’t have enough resources

Sally’s List will help you identify what you do have and connect you with what you don’t. If we can’t do it, we find someone who can!

I’m not a good public speaker

One of the many services we offer our candidates is speaking lessons. We will also help you with your ‘stump speech’ and messaging.

I’m not married

Just like not having children, this isn’t a deal breaker. Neither are some lawmakers, both male and female.

I’m divorced

See “I’m not married”

I’m a gender or racial minority

Your viability as a candidate is something we take into consideration, but we also know there are different ways to serve your community. Let’s talk about it.

I haven’t done enough yet

Sometimes now isn’t the right time, but it can never be too early to start preparing. We have candidates already in training for the next couple of election cycles.

I’m too young/old

There are men who run in there mid-twenties and early 80s for office. If you are at least 21 and an Oklahoma citizen, you aren’t too young or old.

Sally’s List is here to help you overcome these barriers and more, to succeed in your path to public service.

How can you serve?

There are many ways to make a differences in your community and state. From school board to the state legislature and beyond, women’s voices are needed across Oklahoma, at all levels.

Potential offices:

  • Local – City Council, School Board, Mayor, etc.
  • County – County Commissioner, Sheriff, etc.
  • State – State Representative, State Senator, Governor, Lt. Governor, etc.
  • Federal – US House, US Senate

So you think you want to run…

The first steps are very important, and recognizing the time and place in which you want to serve is something both Sally’s List and you as a candidate must consider. Reaching out to us as soon as possible greatly increases your chances of success.

What’s Next?

Explore our website:

  • We have compiled extensive information for candidates and general research. Check out our resources page.

Get ready to run:

  • The earlier you begin preparing to run for office the better. Running requires, commitment, dedication, a realistic plan, and lots of hard work. It is key that you have time to prepare and implement your plan.

Sally’s List is here to help you get ready to run.

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