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Abby Broyles

united states senate

I’m running for US Senate because I’m tired of the partisan games in Washington that do nothing for our families. I want to improve public education and make healthcare accessible and affordable for every Oklahoman. Like most folks in our state, hard work is in my DNA. I put myself through law school while working full-time as a TV journalist, holding political leaders accountable and giving Oklahomans a voice. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves, work across the aisle, and go get things done for Oklahoma. Every generation is asked to step up and lead, and it’s time to pass the torch in DC.


Christina Chicoraske

Oklahoma County Clerk

Christina Mallory Chicoraske, she/her/hers. I acknowledge that I write this while sitting in my home that is on land that was stolen from the Comanche, Wichita, Osage, and Kickapoo tribes. I am a fourth-generation Oklahoman who moved from rural NE Oklahoma to Oklahoma City in 2003 to attend Oklahoma City University. I have a professional background in non-profit management and hold a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma. I am currently a water conservation coordinator with the City of Oklahoma City. I believe in the power of municipal government and the critical role that it plays in the daily lives of all its residents. For too long, our county government has not reflected the over 880,000 residents. Our county government (with the exception of our recently elected County Commissioner Carrie Blumert) is over the age of 45, male, white, and conservative. I want to make county government accessible to all its residents and want to make sure that everyone knows that the county’s business is THEIR business and they have a right to know and understand how funds are being used to improve their lives and the lives of their neighbors. Now, more than ever, we need officials at the county level who are working and fighting for the lives and safety of ALL its residents.


Yasminda Choate

Oklahoma House District 28

I’m deeply committed to the philosophy of “fair play.” My run for office is predicated on my understanding that so many people do not get a fair shake from the outset, and I recognize my own privilege and good fortune as accidents of birth. I seek to win HD28 to work collaboratively with like-spirited people to give my fellow Oklahomans increased opportunities for health, employment, and education. As a mother, educator, and small farmer, I know the issues that many of my friends and neighbors in rural Seminole and Pottawatomie Counties grapple with–quality education for our kids, opportunities for higher education at our local community college or technical centers, access to preventative and emergency medical care, transportation, jobs that pay a living wage–and I’m committed to sponsoring and supporting legislation that benefits all Oklahomans


Susan Young

Oklahoma House District 23

We need more women and more Democrats in the Oklahoma Legislature! I am running because I have something to say and because I know that I have the talking and listening skills to be a good legislator. I believe that the people of House District 23 need a choice and a change; a representative who will fight for them to make sure that they get fair wages, access to medical care, and a good education for their children.


Mauree Turner

Oklahoma House District 88

My heart’s work is deep community organizing – building community-based power that centers Oklahomans who are directly impacted by our failed systems everyday. In being a community organizer, and being able to do direct policy advocacy over the years, I realized we could be doing so much more if we listened to our community members. If we listened to the people who have been filling the gaps our government, local and national, leave for us. In speaking to the people in OK House District 88, I started to realize we share tough lived experiences, but the missing piece to making equitable change was that we don’t have someone with our shared lived experience continuously fighting for us in the legislature. Instead we are the people that get carved out because it makes legislation more palatable. My community helped me realize in order to make the changes we need – not only in our justice system, but also for the representation we seek, I had to run for State House of Representatives. This isn’t only about voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’, it’s about creating a new table where We All Eat. We have time to make this change, and I hope you’ll join us.


Summer Wesley

Oklahoma House district 100

I am running because I believe Oklahomans have been waiting far too long to have a government that works for the people. I have dedicated my career to advocating for the needs of children and families, and I will be a leader in the fight to restore funding to public education and core services.


Madeline Scott

Oklahoma House district 101

I’m a 7th-grade social studies teacher at Midwest City Middle School in Midwest City, Oklahoma.I’m a fourth-year teacher, and a sixth-year educator. I am passionate about equitable education and believe every child deserves a quality education regardless of their socioeconomic background. This drove me to be a part of the Urban Teaching Preparation Academy where I received extensive training on how to best assist at-risk students. As a teacher, I have seen first-hand the hardships which budget cuts put on many of these students. This led me to advocate for public education for years and I feel now is an excellent time to get more teachers into the state legislature. I first ran for office after the Oklahoma Teacher Walkout in 2018 when I was dissatisfied with my representation. Since then I have continued to advocate for my students and fellow Oklahomans.


Alex Scott

Oklahoma Senate District 15

I am running for Senate District 15 because the voices of the district have not been heard and the values of the constituency are not being represented by the incumbent. I have represented part of this district in Norman and I am in touch with the people here. I am tired of the state legislature pre-empting cities from passing ordinances that would increase the well-being of our citizens, and sick of the lack of vertical and horizontal accountability at the Capitol. I am a former public school teacher, I waited tables in the evenings to supplement my income, which represented a critical failure of our state legislature to properly fund public education. The more involved I become, the more I see that it is all of our critical core services that go underfunded. I am running to change that, and to bring balance back to our budget, and back to our people.


JoAnna Dossett

Oklahoma Senate district 35

After years of knocking thousands of doors for Tulsa area candidates, I finally decided it was time to knock doors for myself. Inspired by the strong and caring women who have always represented me and my family well in the State House, and determined that we should expect the same level of responsive public service from the State Senate, 2020 was the perfect year for me to take the ultimate step towards realizing the representation I’d always wanted from a State Senator. Although voter contact now is not on doorsteps, but rather by phone and in mailboxes, my campaign is marching as determinedly as ever toward a win in November.


Shawna Mott-Wright

Oklahoma Senate District 39

I am running because I care deeply about public education. All of our kids have the right to a good quality education. People have a right to quality healthcare. We need an educated workforce and if we want to lead, then we are going to have to invest. All of these have a direct impact on our economy and improving the return on our investment. You can look at my civic and political engagement and see that I care about people and doing what’s right above partisan politics. Having good, open, and constant communication with my colleagues and peers about what we need as a state is vital. Working together to figure out what we need to do or not do that will create a positive impact for our state is crucial. I believe that it is important for leaders to look for ways to do the most good for our people and our economy. I believe that we have more in common with each other than we often acknowledge and leaders must find where our goals intersect so we can move forward together.


Jennifer Wilkinson

Oklahoma Senate District 45

I have been asked to run for something in the local and state elections ever since I was elected at my Tribe. I have attended quite a few leadership events and community political events in my district as well where people have suggested I needed to run for state office. Earlier this year I attended a woman’s coalition event called Pipeline to Politics and was inspired by all the other women who were either in office or running for a local or state office. It came down to women empowering women. There is a need in our Oklahoma Legislature for women leaders. Right now Oklahoma only has 9 women out of 48 in the State Senate and 23 women out of 101 House Representatives. This is not an equitable representation for women considering Oklahoma is made up of 50% women.

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Kendra Horn

US OK Congressional district 5


Trish Ranson

Oklahoma House District 34


Merleyn Bell

Oklahoma House District 45


Denise Brewer

Oklahoma House District 71


Meloyde Blancett

Oklahoma House District 78


Melissa Provenzano

Oklahoma House District 79


Chelsey Branham

Oklahoma House District 83


Cyndi Munson

Oklahoma House District 85


Kelly Albright

Oklahoma House District 95


Kara Joy McKee

Tulsa City Council - District 4


Lori Decter Wright

Tulsa City Council - District 7