When is the best time to start running for office?

Now! Even if you’re not planning on running for another two years or more, there are ways you can already be preparing. It’s NEVER too early to start preparing to run. We hold group trainings a year before primaries (for the state legislature or county seats). If you decide to run but miss the training, we can catch you up with videos and one-on-one sessions. However, there is no substitute for learning with others. 

Will Sally’s List work with any candidate?

Good question! We primarily target viable races, and if we do not think you have a reasonable chance of winning your election, we will tell you. If your race is not viable, but you have good reasons for running (having at least one progressive name on the ballot or gaining visibility as a candidate), we will work with you. Additionally, if, after getting to know you, we feel it’s not a good time in your life to be running for office, we will certainly tell you that as well.

How much does Sally’s List charge for training?

Our initial group and one-on-one training is FREE! However, given our (c)(4) tax status, once you launch your campaign, we will ask you to make a small donation if you wish to attend additional trainings.

What might prevent me from running for office?

Being wanted for murder in an adjoining state might be a problem, but many things women think will be obstacles aren’t. Let’s talk about it!

If Sally’s List trains me, will I win?

No one can guarantee a win, and if they tell you they can, they’re lying. However, we’ve had candidates lose their first race, then win their second election for the same office or a different office the next time around. As a rule of thumb, if you aren’t willing to lose at least once, you probably shouldn’t be running for office.

Can Sally’s List donate money to my campaign?

We CANNOT! Our (c)(4) status prevents us from making donations to candidates. 

Does Sally’s List endorse candidates they’ve trained?

We do not endorse in primaries or runoffs. Even if there is only one woman on the ballot, we will not endorse any candidates until the general election. We are happy to have a conversation with you if you’d like to know why we made this decision. Additionally, we only endorse candidates who’ve run robust, professional campaigns. If you haven’t put in the hard work, we will not endorse you.

Exactly who is “No Pants Man”?

Glad you asked. Every candidate we’ve trained has had at least one door answered by a pantless man when out knocking. Yeah, we know, it’s gross! We just don’t get it. But we will prepare and train you to diffuse the situation and equip you for similar scenarios. 

How is Sally’s List funded?

We are exclusively funded by private donations. Our (c)(4) status disqualifies us from receiving grants. 

What kind of events does Sally’s List hold?

In odd-numbered years, we hold our Sally’s List Gala, either a luncheon or dinner. In past years, keynote speakers have included Sandra Fluke, Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Sen. Barbara Boxer, and former chief of staff to Michelle Obama, Tina Tchen.

In the fall of election years, we host “Move the Needle”, a raucous cocktail party at which we introduce our endorsed candidates for the general election.

Every spring, we have a party just for fun! These low-dollar events give our supporters an opportunity to come together and celebrate the return of warm weather.

Our “It’s Just Coffee!” events invite anyone who is interested to join us and talk about Sally’s List and the issues facing women in Oklahoma. These are held in public spaces as well as private homes and there is no price to attend.